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The following were sent to the Global Touch Massage website by Edmond massage clients:

“I am a huge fan of Ashiatsu oriental bar therapy and Deana. After spending time in the gym or a long day at work I get achy muscles. Deana and her amazing skills is able to find the exact location of my tight muscles (usually shoulders and lower back) and within minutes release the tension. She is a friendly professional that I enjoy sharing with my other girlfriends in the form of gift cards for their birthdays and special occasions! Can’t wait for my next visit…worked glutes today.”


“I had my first massage by Deana last week and it was great. She is able to get as deep as you need to walk away without stiffness in your neck and back area. She has great people skills and conversion along with her teachings with massage whether it would be light or deep massage depending on what you would prefer when you schedule an appointment.

In fact, I have another appointmant with her today for not just an hour, but 90 minutes.”


“Deana is as skilled and talented with her feet as David Copperfield is with his hands.  Both are pure magic.”
Woodward, OK


“I just had a truly wonderful and very professional Ashitsu massage from Deana Rook.  I just can’t say enough good things about the whole experience.  I walked out of her clean, upscale studio feeling great!  I suggest you give her the chance to show you just how good she is.  You won’t be sorry.  I know I’ll be going back!”


“If you don’t go see Deana it’s your loss. Comparing her to the other therapists is like riding a bike then getting a corvette, or having McDonalds for lunch then a great steak for dinner. In a word GREAT.”
Allen F.


“Met Deana for the first time Thursday 8-18-11. Incredible! I’ve had a lot of massages over the years. This is by far the best. I’m having trouble finding words to describe it! It is that good. I haven’t felt that good in years. She has magic feet. I slept like a baby that night. I’m still on a natural high! Do yourself a huge favor and try it. I’m seriously hooked.”



I can sum it up in one word…AMAZING!!! Thank you Deana!


My massage at Global Touch was my first ever. Global Touch Massage really sets the “bar” All high. I have gone back already and will continue to do so. AMAZING!!!!
Nathan Taylor


Over the years I have experience countless massages locally as well as in different countries and on cruises. At least I thought I had experienced massages! Deana, through her amazing talent, has simply re-defined massage therapy. I am now totally spoiled, and Deana, I thank you so much for that!


I just had my first Ashuastu massage today from Deana Rook and I can hosestly say it was truly wonderful and a very professional massage. I wasn’t sure what to expect from being massaged with someone’s feet, but it felt like a pair of really strong hands that could easily release those tight bound up areas. This massage is deep but not at all painful. Deana was always timely and sensitive to the parts of my body that needed a little more attention where the muscles are in a knot. I thoroughly enjoyed my Ashiatsu massage! Deana was professional, and her knowledge and experience was evident as my body slowly relaxing and enjoying the massage. I highly recommend that those who would like a great massage give this technique a try.
Ron Brownell


What an incredible experience! D…you’re great! I thank you and more importantly, my body thanks you!


I have been getting massages for over 20 yrs. I have never had an experience like this. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! You must put this on your Bucket List. I can’t wait for the next one :)


Thanks Deana, best massage in OK. Can’t believe I can finally get ashiatsu in Oklahoma, I will be back.
Sam Yingling


If you want to receive a massage therapeutic and relaxing at the same time looking for a therapist and has profecional positive energy and knowledge of what she does and highly recommended as Deana Rook. She has a magic touch that will relieve your pain and bring you to a point of deep relaxation.
Lupita Cervantes

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