Massage Therapist Edmond

Deana Rook, Edmond Massage Therapist


Deana Rook is Mastery Level Certified by Health and Bodyworks, LLC. For Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Barefoot Massage.

While practicing massage therapy by hand, clients requested massage therapy that required walking on the client’s back. To do this safely, she knew she would have to adjust her weight for the right pressure for different clients, study carefully the physics, anatomy, and contraindications involved to ensure safety. She also recognized benefits for her own body mechanics with barefoot massage.  With this technique in mind, she built a frame for two parallel bars above her massage table and conducted research to ensure her barefoot therapy techniques were safe and effective.  This research led her to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. After studying in Denver, she returned with the ability to deliver unprecedented therapeutic massage.

To continue expanding her education, Deana’s studies include Ashi Thai, a combination of Ashiatsu and Thai Massage, as well as advanced studies under Erik Dalton (Myofascial Release, Myoskeletal Alignment), private instruction by Gephart Parzer and other advanced practitioners.

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