Behind the Scenes Edmond Massage Therapy

Edmond Massage Therapy

Edmond Massage Therapy

The relaxation in massage therapy is inspired when you first walk into the professional studio at Global Touch Massage & Ashiatsu.

It’s clean, quiet, charming, not too warm, not too cool.  Beautiful music plays quietly through the softly lit atmosphere accented with flickering candles and trickling water.  Fresh, clean, color coordinated sheets drape an inviting table that floats over glowing light.  Everything is just so, ready for a perfect massage therapy session.

Much more than one hour goes into a massage therapy session.

This didn’t just happen.  Many details go into making your massage therapy a truly great experience, details that typically go unnoticed, but are relevant just the same.  The oil was carefully selected to be scent free and water soluble, with nutrients that nourish the skin.  In time the oil will soak into your skin, leaving it soft and subtle, but it will lend to a smooth glide first. It’s warm and soothing as it’s brushed on softly from the back of your neck to the back of your foot.  The softly pillowed bolstering under your ankles (or knees when you turn over) let you relax with your legs in a natural position while I pamper you with just the right massage therapy for you.

While getting you nestled and oiled, my clean, sanitized feet are snuggled in warming slippers so they are warmer than your skin from the first touch.  My feet are my main tools, so I care for them in everything I do.  I soften and groom them daily with mini-pedicures, and an all out pedicure weekly, to ensure your comfort throughout your entire massage therapy session.

Between sessions, I often research massage therapy techniques or engage in continuing education or review education I have already studied to ensure thorough retention and effective therapy.  An hour appointment is so much more than an hour of my time.  It includes a great deal of planning, preparing, caring and passion for making your massage therapy experience so truly amazing, you will leave not only feeling better than you expected, but looking forward to coming back.

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