Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Barefoot Massage Therapist, Edmond

Many of us remember walking on daddy’s back when we were little, or having our kids walk on our back when they’re small.  It’s just plain fun.  It feels good, even as their imbalance moves their precious little feet in random,  multiple directions.  If the abstract of child’s play feels so good, imagine how much better a highly trained and experienced adult foot feels as it glides expertly over sore, aching muscles with precise pauses, direction, and pressure effectively relieving tension and bringing soothing relaxation you have rarely experienced.  Imagine a little girl, walking on daddy’s back, all grown up and now a professional who enjoys making this work seem like child’s play.  Imagine no more, it’s a reality, right here in Edmond, Oklahoma.

I worked hard doing hand massage, often doing 5-6 sessions a day to meet the requests of my clients I was so passionate about serving with the best massage for every session.  My hands and forearms hurt.  My back hurt.  My chest was tight.  I had to have therapy myself often just to survive.  I was approaching burn-out.

I never imagined I would be far more effective doing what I remember was child’s play as a little girl, by perusing requests of a few of my clients to have some fun, until my research brought me to Ruthie Hardee and

Now the “palms” I use are twice as big each, my “fingers” are much stronger, and the pressure I’m able to deliver is far greater (from a feather touch to over 130 pounds), but over a much larger surface, making it more comfortable to receive, and very effective.  This brings a much more thorough flush to the whole body, releasing more toxins hiding in each muscle fiber, releasing fascia causing adhesions, immobility, and sometimes pain, and bringing nutrition to each muscular cell with better circulation of many body fluids. It’s amazing how feet can be turned and flexed to comfortably fit so many curves and crevices of all sizes and types of bodies, yet still deliver precision where needed.  It’s amazing how the feet and legs can be used to manipulate all kinds of bodywork with Ashi Thai Massage.  What a great prelude to the handwork for the neck and face where small but strong fingers relax the intricate muscles of the neck, and delicacy to the face.  All of this combined can be such a magnificent tool for pain management.

It’s great to be all grown up an educated massage therapist, to find my calling, to find my niche by having twice the tools to work with, to work hard helping others, all by taking child’s play to a whole new level and still having fun with it.

All these words still can’t really describe what happens during an Ashiatsu Massage Therapy session.  You have to experience it. Take a break and treat yourself to some fun relaxation.  Call me, and we’ll put it on the calendar under “me time”.  Mention this blog for a special rate.  405.458.0562

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