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Deana Rook on Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and Massage

I was excited to learn about how effective Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy was in relieving back, shoulder, and hip pain. Sure, it’s nice to offer a pampering, relaxing, “make me feel good” massage and have a client float out the door dazed and amazed. But, to have someone walk in the door with pain that negatively affects their daily living and relationships, and walk out the door with little or no pain, that really jazzes me!

Mastering Ashiatsu has given me an amazing ability to do just that. When therapy is needed in a deep way to relieve pain, there is naturally going to be some discomfort in the treatment discomfort that is very worth it for the relief. Ashiatsu lets me provide deep pressure that causes a change in the muscular tissue, without the discomfort of knobbiness and relaxes tissue much more comfortably. Mastering Ashiatsu brought me the ability to feel the tension, knots and trigger points and give them the attention, pressure, direction, and technique needed to release. Not all trigger points can be released in one session, many cannot. But it’s great to cause them to significantly change loosen up and reduce. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is very rewarding and effective by itself.

But relaxing muscle isn’t all it’s about. Often times the fascia around muscles need to be hydrated and have adhesions released to allow muscles to fully relax and bones to nestle back into their natural positions to effectively relieve pain. I was amazed that some of the techniques taught in a recent workshop in Dallas were methods I was already practicing with my feet. I was equally amazed that so much of the work could easily be translated into fancy foot work, most of which is easier than the techniques taught by hand. It’s great to be able to use both hands and feet to provide the treatment necessary to address the issues my clients bring me.

This is why I have such a passion to continue learning and growing, to continue to expand my ability to positively impact lives. It’s nice to have the option of using a complex combination of several techniques, or using one these art forms in its purity to provide the simplicity of a relaxing massage, an escape from the hectic stress of a day, and float away with an overwhelming sense of bliss.

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