Erik Dalton and Deana Rook, Edmond Massage Therapist

Erik Dalton and Deana Rook, Edmond Massage Therapist

My practice has been very successful from the beginning using my feet to bring client after client into a deep, peaceful bliss with soothing, gliding efflourage that offers deep tissue benefits with Swedish comfort.  Why would I attend a medical level workshop on myofacial release?  Because it equates to pain relief, and because I am dedicated to continual professional growth.  What does this mean to you?  I am better suited to address more complicated issues you may be dealing with that cause discomfort and pain.

I’m not sure I can find the words to express how exciting it was to attend and learn at Erik Dalton’s recent workshop in Dallas.  I am an Edmond Massage Therapist practicing Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, not a typical writer, but I have to give it a shot.  It was exhilarating to say the least, to think of someone in my professional or personal circle the advanced education I was receiving was going to help. The reason I am so passionate about what I do in the first place is because helping people feel better jazzes me.  If I can relieve tension and discomfort, I am very rewarded.  To be able to relieve pain is an even bigger payoff.

A bad headache was waiting for me here in Oklahoma City as I returned.  I set up my massage table before I even unpacked and went right to work applying the techniques I learned for neck and back pain, which often leads to headaches, as I suspected lead to this particular headache.  The pain was relieved with the first application of this technique, before the recipient of it even got off the table. What a meaningful experience.

Add to that the new friendships forged through sharing that experience, as well as the networking opportunities, it was an even better time.  An unexpected treat was the number of therapists who approached me about Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, what it was like, and where they could go to school for it.  Many knew what it was, but didn’t realize how beneficial it was for both the client, and for them.  It helps so many therapists make their career last.

Then, to put the icing on the cake, there were the antics of Erik Dalton himself.  He had a way of keeping attention by delivering relevant information sprinkled with quirks and comments that had therapists from all over the world laughing at unexpected humor as though we were watching a segment of out takes after a really great movie.  Relevant education delivered by a capturing style while among new and established friends and professionals all made for a fantastic time.

Now for the funnest part . . . translating as much of this education as possible to working effortlessly with my feet.  During the entire workshop I was translating what I was learning by asking myself  “how will I do this with my feet?”.  Many times throughout our studies I made the comment “this would be so much easier with my heel, or toe, or both feet!”  There are, of course, some things that can only be done with hands and fingers, such as neck and small muscle work, or feeling for tiny clues about what the spine is or is not doing for assessment.  It was amazing, however, that I could translate so much of what I was learning into footwork, saving my own back, energy and hands, enabling me to serve more clients efficiently and effectively.  I couldn’t help but feel very fortunate that I had twice the tools to work with than any of the 120 or so therapist in the room.  Except one, but that’s another blog all together about how Ashiatsu is being practiced by the best therapeutic and medical massage clinics, as well as the finest spas.

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