Deana Rook, Massage Therapistby Deana Rook

There are many different types of therapy to address various conditions and desired results.  This blog addresses the difference between Shiatsu, and Ashiatsu Therapy.

On one hand, a popular form of massage therapy more Oklahomans recognize, even if just from advertisements and not experience, is Shiatsu.  This is a Japanese term that means “Finger Pressure” used for bodywork.  Finger tips and palms are used to apply rhythmic pressure to energetic pathways throughout the body.  Shiatsu is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, just as acupuncture is.

On the other hand, are feet. “Ashi” means “feet”, “atsu” means “pressure.  Where Shiatsu uses finger pressure at specific points along specific pathways, Ashiatsu uses foot pressure to compress and flush larger areas, even muscle groups, all over the body. Feet can be used to achieve many objectives requiring deep pressure, that fingers simply cannot.  With feet, pressure is spread out over a much larger surface, alleviating the discomfort often associated with deep tissue work necessary for therapeutic results.  More hormones are created with this large foot pressure that brings a deeper feeling of relaxation and tranquility when proper techniques are applied.

Though there are many benefits of Shiatsu, as well as Ashiatsu, I feel there are many more benefits Ashiatsu offers, to both the client and the therapist.  That’s why I chose this art form of massage therapy over others. There is far greater touch, pressure, compression, therapy delivered by the large, perfectly curved feet than could possibly be delivered by fingertip.  Of course, there are parts of the body that require the finely tuned touch of finger tips, such as the face and neck, so each of my sessions do have a suitable degree of  hand and finger work (not Shiatsu)  involved for the most effective therapeutic session.

No matter which therapy you choose to seek, an important factor in deciding on a therapist is that they be certified in their chosen field. This is even more important when dealing with Ashiatsu.  The feet, if not properly trained, can be very destructive if too much pressure is applied to the wrong parts of the body.  You will receive safe and effective treatment from a trained professional. I am mastery level certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and invite you to try this incredible modality, and currently the only Edmond massage therapist offering it.  If you are far away, you can find a professionally trained Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy graduate in your area by visiting

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