Massage TherapistI’m very excited to be pioneering this incredible modality into Oklahoma!

Yes, it is indeed catching on as clients experience the unbelievable relief a pair of professionally trained, talented feet can bring.  It happens EVERY session:  A skeptical client wants relief from low back or other tension, discomfort, or pain and requests the minimum 60 minutes with a massage therapist, sometimes not even knowing what Ashiatsu is, and assumes its just another way to use hands and elbows, or offers an Oriental cocktail or something, and hopes for the best return on their investment.  Consistently, in the first 15-20 minutes, the request is made for 90 minutes because the client has never felt “hands” so good before.  I just smile, and happily upgrade their appointment as I enjoy bringing back balance and relaxation as much as they do.

With that said, I have to confess . . .
I’ve had a little fun lately, and just sort of, not mentioned to a new client (or two) I use my feet, I just tell them they are in for a treat with Ashiatsu.  I just let them think Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is a drink served up Orient Style at the end of the session if they want to, and educate them about half way through the session, when they say “Oh, MY GOSH!  How are you doing that? I have never felt massage like that before.  It feel SO GOOD!”  I just chuckle and say: “Ok, you can take your face out of the cradle and have a look.”  They can’t believe I’m standing there, on the table next to them, relaxing their QL’s (lower back) with a bare foot, holding onto bars for balance and leverage.  “I never would have imagined a massage could feel so good with FEET!”  I just smile, and enjoy yet another fun moment when I know I have just won over another very satisfied client that will be back time and time again.  I just love this modality!

I am now officially the ONLY Mastery Level Certified Massage Therapist listed in Oklahoma on the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy web site.  Visit, click “Find a Graduate Worldwide”, then look up Oklahoma.  I like being among the first to bring this wonderful treatment to Oklahoma, and will enjoy this exclusivity until it really catches on, and we start having to crank out more A.O.B.T. therapists to satisfy the demand.  You’ll fully comprehend what I’m saying when I get my feet on you.



  1. I thought Deana did a great job. I would recommend her to anyone needing a deep tissue massage.


    • Thank you, Austin. I’m glad I found a way to get into thick musculature like yours. For others reading this comment, remember the pressure is always adjusted to be perfect for your musculature, no matter what it is.

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